Welcome to the Amersham and Tring Repeater Group

Amersham site IO91QP

  • GB3AM Repeater output 50.840 MHz, input 51.340MHz, CTCSS C 77Hz .
  • GB3AL  Repeater output 145.7375 MHz, input 145.1375 MHz, FM CTCSS C 77Hz
  • GB3AU Repeater output 433.175 MHz, input 434.775 MHz, CTCSS D 82.5Hz
  • GB7AU Repeater output 439.700 MHz, input 430.700 MHz, D-Star (local only)
  • GB7WL Repeater output 439.4625 MHz, input 430.4625 MHz, colour code 3, DMR (Phoenix Network)
  • MB7AM Echolink node 70.26 MHz AM, Off Air

Tring site IO91PS

  • GB3TU Repeater output 433.225 MHz, Input 434.825 MHz, CTCSS C 77Hz
  • GB7CT Repeater output 145.6375 MHz, input 145.0375 MHz, colour code 3, DMR (Phoenix Network)
  • MB7FM Simplex 70.4375 MHz CTCSS C 77Hz required, please NOTE it currently has a 60 second time out
  • GB3BAA Beacon 50.016 MHz vertical polarization
  • GB3BAA Beacon 70.016 MHz horizontal polarization off air


  • 25 October 2022: GB3BAA:- 6 Meter beacon back on air.
  • 12 November 2021 70cm GB3TU back on air

Repeater Group

  • Rob M0ZPU NoV holder for Amersham and Tring repaeaters
  • Rob M0ZPU Digital repeater support for Tring
  • Jon G4MDC and John G3VHH Amersham and Tring Analogue repeater support
  • Chris 2E0UCW and Eric G6FGY Amersham Digital repeater support

Thanks to

  • General John G8SYD for donating a router for Amersham, Paul G7KBR for donating a spare router for each site and Vic G0RAS for providing the router/SIM for Tring.
  • GB7WL – Eric G6FGY for providing the funding, Rob M0ZPU for donating the radios, Paul G7KBR for building the repeater & Chris 2E0UCW for doing the logistics/installation.
  • GB7AU – Paul G7KBR for building the repeater & Chris 2E0UCW for providing the funding, logistics and installation.
  • GB3AL – Chris G0WTZ / Chris 2E0UCW for funding the dual mode repeater and Paul G7KBR for building the repeater.


Donations towards the site fee’s, equipment and 4G internet are always welcome – you will find a PayPal button on the top right of the website where you can send a once off or monthly donation to the group. A PayPal account is not required to send a donation – there is an option to use a card.


Our web site name is derived from the frequency of the sub-audible tone (CTCSS) that is used for the analogue repeaters of 77Hz Note (GB3AU) is 82.5Hz to avoid interference from other repeaters.

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