Welcome to the Amersham and Tring Repeater Group

Amersham site IO91QP

  • GB3AM Repeater 50.840 MHz
  • GB3AL Repeater 145.7375 MHz
  • GB3AU Repeater 433.175 MHz
  • GB7AU Repeater 439.700 MHz D-Star & Yaesu System Fusion (not Wires-X) off air
  • GB7WL Repeater 439.4625 MHz DMR (Phoenix Network) Note APRS is currenty turned off

Tring site IO91PS

  • GB3TU Repeater 433.225 MHz
  • GB7CT Repeater 145.6375 MHz DMR (Phoenix Network)
  • MB7FM Simplex 70.4375 MHz off air
  • GB3BAA Beacon 50.016 MHz off air
  • GB3BAA Beacon 70.016 MHz off air


  • 04 July 2021: GB7AU A MMDVM repeater will replace the previous D-Star repeater. Purchasing/delivery of components is in progress. 4G router for Amersham donated by John G8SYD Fusion Repeater supplied by Moonraker UK and Yaesu UK.

  • 10 July 2021: – GB7WL installed and operational-thanks to Eric G6FGY for the funding, Rob M0ZPU for donating some equipment, Paul G7KBR for building the repeater & Chris 2E0UCW for sorting the logistics for the repeater build and completing the site installation.

  • Thanks to Paul G7KBR for donating a backup 4G router for the site and supporting the GB7WL / GB7AU repeaters.


Our web site name is derived from the frequency of the sub-audible tone (CTCSS) that is used for the analogue repeaters of 77Hz Note (GB3AU) is 82.5Hz to avoid interference from other repeaters.

Some useful links

Phoenix Network http://www.dmr-uk.net
DMR Guide UK http://www.dmrguide.uk
UK Repeaters http://www.ukrepeater.net

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