Welcome to the Amersham and Tring Repeater Group

Amersham site IO91QP

  • GB3AM Repeater 50.840 MHz
  • GB3AL Repeater 145.7375 MHz
  • GB3AU Repeater 433.175 MHz
  • GB7AU Repeater 439.700 MHz Dstar off air
  • GB7WL Repeater 439.4625 MHz DMR off air

Tring site IO91PS

  • GB3TU Repeater 433.225 MHz
  • GB7CT Repeater 145.6375 MHz DMR
  • MB7FM Simplex 70.4375 MHz off air
  • GB3BAA Beacon 50.016 MHz off air
  • GB3BAA Beacon 70.016 MHz off air


  • 16 Jan 2021: GB7AU is changing to Fusion Wires X.Installation will take place once the current COVID-19 restrictions have been relaxed.
  • 27 May 2021: GB7WL is undergoing final testing and we hope to install it soon, 4G router for Amersham donated by John G8SYD Fusion Repeater supplied by Moonraker UK and Yaesu UK


Our web site name is derived from the frequency of the sub-audible tone (CTCSS) that is used for the analogue repeaters of 77Hz Note (GB3AU) is 82.5Hz to avoid interference from other repeaters.

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